Recycling: How Can One Person Make A Difference?

Have you been bombarded with ads and newspaper articles about the desperate shape our planet is in and thought to yourself, “I’m only one person, how can I make things better?” With all of the media attention on issues like, acid rain, loss of tropical rain forest, endangered animals, the depleting ozone layer and even previous Vice President Al Gore’s pet project, global warming, it’s easy to feel over-whelmed. But the truth is this; if not you, then who?Mounds of Waste

As a private citizen you cannot control factories putting toxins into water or avoid oil leakages that endanger some species, but you can make an impact, nonetheless. How? First, by not contributing to the madness and wasteful ways others are by using items and products that can be recycled and secondly, and perhaps more notably, you can make an effect by being a leader in the crusade to conserve the world by doing the right thing.

It’s a widely known fact that when we are parents we are the top role-models for our kids and that they will imitate what they see us do. Even if you are not a parent, you can still lead the way for others by taking on the awesome obligation of being a leader. Picture the people you come in contact with in your community who see that you do not just speak about recycling but every week your trash collection is separated and ready for the recycle truck. What if individuals you work with observed that instead of having your coffee every morning in a throw-away cup from the local coffee chain, you are sipping from a mug you brought from home that you wash out and reuse? Can you envision the effect you would have on somebody who may not be recycling like they should but then decides that, after seeing that you take this obligation seriously, decides to alter the method in which they do things and do the same?

The majority of people do not recognize the impact they have daily on individuals in their lives that they may or might not have a connection with. As a leader you “walk the walk” by championing the causes that you care about and not just by “talking the talk”. We are all knowledgeable about people around us and might not understand exactly what we might do that will make a lasting impression on another person. Don’t miss this opportunity to make an impact for recycling.

When you recycle, you have to think that there are others who are seeing and making decisions daily, by viewing how you do things yourself. Big problems are frequently tackled by a few worried, aware people, well before the word gets out to huge corporations and law makers that there is a change that has to be made.

Make every action you take count for something. Do your part in the effort to keep our planet healthy; reduce, reuse, recycle!